About the Author

I wouldn’t quite consider myself an author because I’ve only written one book. Fortunately, Amazon has a great program where you can self publish your work making it possible for others to read my work. Another reason I wouldn’t call myself an author is because I don’t look at writing as work (or my job). I work and attend school, so I would say I’m just more of a person who writes in his free time. It would be nice to make some money off of my book, but I do not do it for the money. I’ve been told that I’m creative so it gives me a sense of accomplishment when I can use my ideas to make a piece of work. The book I currently have published is 99 cents and any book I publish in the future will be the same.

If you knew me in person, you would never guess that I would write books in my free time. I’m twenty years old- love football and basketball- love listening to lil wayne- am always with my girl friend or buddies (mostly girlfriend though)- love playing PS3, especially call of duty- always watch NBA NFL NCAA games, how i met your mother, two and a half men, family guy, my name is earl, the office, bill maher, and tons of Netflix movies- I hate mtv- I don’t use facebook.


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