Working on next Intercepted book, the sequel!

I self published my first book for 99 cents on Kindle a few weeks ago (Intercepted).

Here’s the description:

Martin’s extended home life with his violent father pushed him to abandon his home in hopes of a better life. He traveled to the deep south in order to create a fresh start. Unfortunately, restarting in life was harder than he could ever imagine, and becomes exponentially harder once he gets mixed up with gang activity. He finds himself abducted along with a young woman. While in captivity, Martin is introduced to a dangerous drug that makes him feel spiritually enlightened giving him the sensation of talking to his dead mother.

It’s a shorter book only taking a few hours to read, but I was happy with the outcome. It was easy to write because I’ve always had the storyline in my head, but I never followed through and made a book of it. I left the end open as a chance to write a sequel. However, the second book will take much longer to write since I’m still creating the storyline, and not even I know what will happen. I haven’t sold very many, but I am aware that it is a slow “growing” process. I decided to make it very cheap because I care more about the amount of people who read it than how much I make off of it.

I haven’t picked a title… It’s somewhat difficult having so much writing left to do. I’m thinking – Intercepted: The Answer – or – Intercepted: Revenge -. I did manage to make the cover already, though. (I’m not done it but this is it so far)