Newly Released Kindle Books with Descriptions——-

This post is for books that are new to kindle that don’t get a lot of hype. It is a way to give books that are not in the spotlight a chance. I did take my book off of the list because it seems a little selfish to promote myself when the rest of the blog is already about my book. This is not a top-seller list. If a description of a book interests you, click on the link and give it a chance. Then write your thoughts at the bottom of the blog. Then I’ll insert the reviews into the list for others to see. Here’s the list:


1)     Laria Gracekill and the Cleaver of Canaphi by Andrew Van Vleck – $2.99 approx.

After a freak accident that wrecks her ship, a cheap ride on a Corlothan freighter might have seemed like a good idea at the time to Laria Gracekill, former noblewoman turned courageous bounty hunter. But when all systems suddenly fail it seems as though there are some things that it’s not a good idea to save money on. Especially when this combustible crate’s other passengers include a psychotic killer, guarded by one of Laria’s fellow Hunters in the rear section. With the possibility of a madman having escaped in a vital area of the ship and the crew having the “spines of puddles”, it falls upon our heroine to investigate for herself. Now, if only she had access to a decent gun…

Please note, this is an action-packed short story (4000 words approx).

2)      Blurred Realities by Amber LaShell – $4.99

Alexandra is taking a much needed vacation to the place her ancestors are from, Ireland. Shortly after arriving she notices an odd man with the most eerily glowing green eyes staring at her from across a pub. Then, she suddenly starts having some very erotic dreams about him that are a little too real. Now she is on a mission to find out how, or what he is, and the answer may be more than she bargained for.

Amazon Link:

3)      THE HARVARD MAN by John Arthur Long, sold through Vellum Publishing, Inc. at

THE HARVARD MAN -He is brilliant, possessing intelligence most would classify as genius, and he has always believed he was destined for Harvard University. However, there is a flaw. He is also mentally unstable, a psychopath with violent tendencies. Harvard has rejected his application. Now, he is determined to exact revenge in sweeping strokes of violence that will display his brilliance and bring America’s most prestigious university to its academic knees. If he can’t have Harvard, no one can!

4)      The Proposal: Book One (The Beautiful People series) by Danielle Benson – $3.99

Remember the late nineties and early noughties? Movie stars were larger than life, event films were the norm and it was the last breath of an age of cynicism tinged with innocence, which ended abruptly on 9/11.

A unique look at young Hollywood during a particular time in the film industry when movie stars still carried their own particular magical brand of clout and films made money; before the period of celibutantes and reality television.

5)      The Broken Wishing Well by Daniel McGarvey – $0.99

An old, neglected hole in the ground in the middle of an abandoned field? THIS is a wishing well??? In this series of short stories for children, the wishing well doesn’t grant wishes so much as teach lessons to those who use it. By doing so, this seemingly “broken” wishing well helps them to make their own wishes come true!

In this first story of the series, three girls discover the mysterious wishing well, which might have been put there yesterday, or centuries ago. Hardly attractive, it’s little more than a pile of rocks around a hole, but Katie and Emily convince Jenny to try it out to see if it really works. You won’t believe what happens next!

6)      ZEBRA’S COVE by Ben Shi- $9.99

Zebra (pronounced like Debra) is many things, but most of all she is different. She is cute, shy, playful… yet in the blink of an eye mature, serious and more sure of herself than any girl you’ve ever known. The gorgeous young lady places Eric under her spell before he realizes what has taken place and takes him on a fantastic journey to a place that, up to then, he only dreamed existed, and introduces him to a purpose his nature struggles to accept.

Everything Zebra says and does is for a specific purpose, but Eric is slow in realizing it; but not as slow as the wicked men who dare stand in her way. They have no idea what she has in store for them when a predestined judgment arrives.

Zebra’s Cove is an amazing tale of good vs evil, love and heartache, and the brand of punishment that eventually comes to those who insist on doing wrong.

7)      Seoul Searching – A Year in South Korea by Al Williams $1.75

‘Ever wondered what it would be like to quit your job and spend a year in a foreign country? Well, this is my story……’
An insightful and humorous book, drawing on the writers’ experiences, relationships and observations of life in Seoul, South Korea while working for an International Language Company. It examines long distance relationships, cultural differences and the dynamics of international friendships. Humorous situations arise due to cultural unawareness and personality clashes.

8)       Final Message by Sean A. Lusher – $0.99

Greg Collins is something of an isolationist. Running cargo across a galaxy in the middle of reconstruction, he’s settled into a comfortable routine aboard a large ship empty except for himself and his Artificial Intelligence companion. However, after making a routine delivery, he encounters a derelict research vessel orbiting a nearby star. When he gets aboard, he makes a profound discovery that shakes his perception of reality to its foundation.

9)      The Suicidal Time Traveler – A Short Story
Apx 7500 Words – $2.99

If you could meet yourself fifteen years in the past what would you say?
Thirteen year old Stephen Jenkins knows the answer. He has just met an older version of himself – the world’s first time traveler. The consequences of this ten minute meeting will ripple through his life until young Stephen is finally able to confront Dr. Tim Lee the machines inventor. What Stephen doesn’t know is that the future isn’t what he what he was expecting.

10)      Bloodfetish – Erotic Stories & Poetry
Edited by Diana Trees

A series of four short stories which explore the erotic world of Bloodfetish – the sharing of blood and violence. These are not your typical vampire stories, but span the range of monsters and other lovelies. “From Experience” leads off the collection – a tale of two woman and one man, two vampires and one human. “And Visions of Sugar Plums” follows and involves a beast hungry for blood. Enjoy, too, “Oathbound” and “Tlazolteotl,” tales guaranteed to make you want to explore your own Bloodfetish. Artwork throughout the book is by famed artist Ben Fogletto.

11)       Strangers on a Bus by Robblogger – $2.99

Robb is crushed by a failed relationship with the love of his life and finds himself unexpectedly on a long bus trip from his adopted home in the U.S. back to his native Canada.

At the first stop in NYC, a girl gets on and so begins a contemplation of life, love, and strange events that will bring tears of laughter and heartache streaming down your face.

Is this girl Robb’s real true love or just a rebound? How far can they get on a bus ride anyway?

This is a true story.

Special bonus excerpt of Robb’s upcoming book is included, Robb and The Bible: Robb Does Genesis.

12)      Don’t Go There! A Robblogger Look at Travel – $0.99

Here’s what people are saying about the newest sensation to hit the e-book scene:
Stephen King – “Without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever read. Much better than anything I could have written. But I’m not Stephen King, I’m your landlord, and you can’t pay rent with e-books”
Candy Apples – “Without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever read. Much better than anything I could have written. But you can’t pay for lap dances with e-books”
Chastity Bono – “Without a doubt the best thing I’ve ever read. Much better than anything I could have written. The frosted side appeals to the woman in me. The whole wheat side appeals to the man in me. I laughed my balls off. I really did! Please call an ambulance!”
What’s this dubious literary offering really all about? Besides a pretty clever way to part you from a few pennies, my girlfriend has always wanted to travel. I care for the idea of traveling about as much as I care for the idea of soaking my head in a sink full of electric eels. Travel appeals to me not very much at all, slightly less than not very much at all, to be brutally honest.
So the birth of this e-book was my girlfriend suggesting countries we should visit. And me finding creative ways to convince her that visiting proposed country wouldn’t be fun.

13)      Spellbinding and The Spell Breaker Combined Limited Edition by Tessa Stokes-99 cents

Chloe McGarry moves from her home in California, to a village and estate in England steeped in history and mystery. She has never been lucky in love, and to her surprise she meets not one, but two lovely guys. They are both interested in her and become her dearest friends. She falls in love with both of them and they both fall in love with her.
One of them, Tristan is especially enigmatic. He has been keeping a secret for eight hundred years and as Chloe forms a relationship with him she helps him unravel his heritage. There are dangers around every corner as her other love, Oliver becomes entangled in the mystery surrounding Tristan..
The three, brought together by danger and adventure as well as love, become friends.
Life goes on around the estate but the magic that has followed Tristan all of his life continues to threaten his very existence. Chloe must travel in time to save him as she realizes how much she loves him. Oliver helps her in the quest to free Tristan from the magic spell, only to lose himself.
The romantic adventure has many twists and turns. Ordinary life is peppered with magic and love.

14)       Narrative Elements: Stardust Memory by Justin Jorel Johnson – $2.99

Surviving a lethal setup, an Officer of Public Security, Izzo takes it upon himself to do something about it. As it unfolds, dreaded actions of the past are unexpectedly revived and begin to unravel the progress that holds two countries in accord. An eccentric stranger possesses aid that’s vague, but can he allow himself to cast aside his own disposition… will that be enough?

– An enthralling novella spanning approx. 23,000 words.

– Also contains bonus content extras of some of the history to the backstory.

15)       The Dark Mansion: A Series of Short Stories by Lynnly Damm- 2.99

Aryana is a young vagabond, confused and abandoned in a world where having wings is considered a terrible atrocity to be feared, hated, and hunted. Will she ever grow to be anything more than a nuisance on society? Meet her, along with Neika, Airuken, and Typhon in this series of short stories involving dragons, demons, assassinations, royalty and romance.

16)      My Sister Drinks My Snot – By Kylie Horsfall – $2.99

Disgusting Derek’s mother won’t let him have a pet. So he makes his own model animals out of…SNOT! That’s right – he uses his boogers to make “snotimals”. But one day things go horribly wrong and his finger gets stuck up his nose, maybe forever…
A short story for children aged 5-12.

17)      It’s OK to Laugh – by Nancy Santa Lucia $4.99

At the age of 54 I decided to journey back into my past to see how I got to where I was and to find out where the hell I was going. I’ve been married twice, have three children and a boat load of insecurities. Who am I and who can I blame for how i turned out?Zombies, feet and heights scare the hell out of me. I’m afraid of everything yet extremely optimistic. I’ve been strip searched on my honeymoon, been cheated on and have lost my home. I have chosen humor to get me through even the dargest of times. I don’t even want to imagine the alternative.

18)    SHADOWS O’ER KILLARNEY by Sherry Boardman 7.99

Set in mystical Ireland on the heels of the 1798 Irish Revolution, Shadows o’er Killarney (430 standard pages) is an untimely love story of two people clutching opposite cultural beliefs and values during political turmoil, enhanced with mythical folklore. Guiding the heroine through her emotional quests is a wee wood sprite Goliath, whose insight convinces the lass she indeed has the gift of sight, and treasures are not always found in a pot o’ gold. Once the English hero, also a royal agent, steps on the emerald isle’s rocky terrain, chaos reigns as cultures collide, tragedy revisits, and emotions’ ashes ignite anew.

19)    Forex Kept Simple, by John Frewen-Lord.

This describes a practical ‘how to’ methodology on trading the Forex foreign currency markets, using a simple system you set up yourself for free on the free Metatrader 4 platform, using MT4’s built-in indicators

So far it’s my best seller, by far, so hopefully will add value to your site. There are two versions, US and UK, the only difference being spelling and government-required disclaimers. Priced at $9.77 for the US version, the UK version being the converted US price at £6.81

20)     Five Ideas to Change the World: Issue 1 by Peter Behrendt – $2.99

Be more creative, get more ideas. Take the ideas in this issue and use them yourself (for a new business, at work, at home).

The new digital economy is screaming out for people to be thinkers, not just people who think.

21)     Stinklepus Stinkleby Takes A Bath by The Angelini Sisters – $8.99

Meet Stinklepus Stinkleby. He sniffles, snuffles, and snorts. He looks like mixture of a bunny, a bear, a kitty, and even a racoon, but to his Doggie-Mommie, Doggie-Sister, and Doggie-Daddy, he is 100% dog. He likes to eat, he likes to sleep, and he loves to chase his toys. But one thing he does not like at all, ever, or under any circumstances, is taking a bath!

When he overhears his family say, “Stinklepus Stinkleby, you stink!”, he knows that bath time is near. But if they want to wash this stinky little dog, they’ll have to catch him first.

Children’s fiction; 29 pages

22)     Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning) by David McKoy and Lynn Hallbrooks ($6.00 on Kindle).

CIA Special Ops Team, Call Sign: Wrecking Crew is sent overseas on a Top Secret mission. Once the mission is completed, they rapidly realize they are merely pawns in an international chess game that turns into a political firestorm. As a result, they are disavowed. Accompanied by firefights, fate, and faith, they finally find a way home. Once there, they are thrust into a government gone amuck. (see link below)

22)      Huff’s Rapture by John Neil Hall – $5.99

An American vice president in the mid 21st Century, Ed Huff, learns he must take the torch from a dying president. Within 24 hours, he finds himself hustled into the wonder plane of the hypersonic age, leading a nation in the grip of total war.

Author John Neil Hall’s novel of power, deceit, murder, psy ops mysteries and redemption at the highest levels of a future American government takes the readers from the weightlessness of space to the horror of an air war over Siberia and a struggle for truth in the Appalachian Hills.

In his debut novel, Hall, a veteran Washington columnist and national security writer, explores the pitfalls smoldering in the world’s vast nuclear arsenals, known and unknown.

23)     Revelations by Pamela Kay Noble Brown – $0.99

Melanie has finally met the man of her dreams, but life is never easy for one who has suffered a lifetime of tragic loss. A shameful family secret may just keep her from becoming too deeply involved, yet she longs for the kind of life and love others have. Will she find a way to overcome her fears, or will she simply walk away?